'Buliding a foundation for local technology innovation based on industrial-academic cooperation'

Contributing to the activation og the local economy and enhancing business's competitveness by promoting the technological advance of locla-specialized industries and supporting new technology-based startups in cutting-edge areas based on the construction of the organic cooperation system among industrial, academic, research and govenmental bodies in busan. (Setion 2 of Articles of incorporation)

Main Functions

  • 01.acting as a foundation of local innovation though such efforts as interconnecting innovating entities in the local industry
  • 02.supervising planning for local strategic industries, such as local technology policy/industrial policies, etc.
  • 03.establishing a mid- and long-term development strategy for local strategic industries, such as preparing an industrial technology roadmap, etc.
  • 04.research on technical innovation capability
  • 05.business for fostering human resources in the areas of technology, information, management, etc.
  • 06.business for fostering and operating industrial technology complex
  • 07.support for assessment/management of promotional projects for local strategic industry
  • 08.joint technical development through interconnection among industrial/academic/research sectors
  • 09.corporate support programs, such as startup incubation, r&d, use/distribution of information, education/training, test & verification, etc.
  • 10.technology commercialization and technology transfer project
  • 11.business for joint use of r&d facilities and equipment
  • 12.construction of innovative infrastructure for local strategic industry, such as installation of innovation base, etc.
  • 13.promoting efficient utilization of local infrastructure
  • 14.project on promotion of techno culture
  • 15.outsourcing programs for governmental organizations
  • 16.other businesses suitable for the purposes of the corporation